Transform Your Board Members
Into Social Media Ambassadors

For Your Nonprofit!

Getting Your Board to Tap Into
Their Network on Social Media

Just Got A Whole Lot Easier...

(Without any of the confusion they've experienced in the past)

  • Do you dream of the day when your Board will be fired up to create and share content about your nonprofit on social media instead of freezing up thinking about what to say? 

  • Are you struggling to attract supporters, volunteers and donors for your nonprofit all by yourself? 

  • Are you frustrated because you have a Board who believes in your mission and wants to help, but does not know "how" to confidently use social media to promote your nonprofit to their network?

Here’s the thing, knowing what to post can be overwhelming!

And knowing what to say during COVID?...yikes!

But you’re only one person. And as good as you are and as hard as you work, you're leaving money on the table if you're going it alone.

In order to be successful, you need a social media TEAM--a team that includes your Board.

Imagine if you could get your Board “on board.”...


You’d be able to reach more people, recruit more volunteers, attract more donors, raise more funds, help more people and increase your impact on the world all at the same time. 

The problem is:

Most Board members simply do not know what to post and/or share on social media which means your nonprofit is missing an opportunity to tap into your Board's network of people that they already have a relationship with. 


Fundraising is 99% about relationships. 

The simplified way to more reach...  

Your Board members are influencers with an online network of potential supporters and donors they alone can connect with, educate, and encourage to contribute to your cause. Whenever your Board shares one of your posts on social media (or posts on your behalf), your reach expands exponentially!



There is a direct correlation between the size of your nonprofit’s online donations and the size of your social network. Simply put, more friends and followers equal more opportunities to promote and share your message. (And that’s where the magic of social media happens!)

By transforming your Board into social media ambassadors you can grow your online audience, attract new supporters, and increase donations!


If only you had the time to create social media content you could just hand your Board to start sharing right away.

What if all of the social media content you want to share with your Board was "done for you"?

(Without taking months to plan and execute.)

​  Introducing​  

This "Done-for-you" Project Kit  solves all of your content-sharing problems... almost instantly!

Transform any Board member into a social media ambassador with Board Boost's easy to implement resources including fill-in-the-blank templates, worksheets, cheat sheets, how-to videos, and images you can use to start sharing your message today!


Board Boost is the ultimate shortcut to growing your social media audience, turning followers into supporters, volunteers and donors.... and raising more money.


With Board Boost, you get completely pre-written, 100% “fill-in-the-blanks” templates for all of the most important social media content you want to share with your Board, including…

  • Personal Stories

  • Cause Awareness

  • Requests for Support

  • New / Existing Programs

  • Organizational Milestones

  • Donor Recognition

  • Thanking Volunteers

  • Annual Appeals

  • Sponsor Recognition

  • Facebook Birthday Fundraisers

  • Volunteers Needed

  • Fundraising Events

  • Save The Date!

  • Crowfunding Campaigns

  • Request for In-kind Donations

  • And more!



This four-step plan lays the groundwork for setting up your social media content sharing system, getting Board buy-in, and providing ROI.

  • Step 1: Getting Your Board 'On Board'​
  • Step 2: Reviewing Best Practices
  • Step 3: Preparing Your Board to Post
  • Step 4: Creating Content for Your Board to Share

PLUS tips, tricks, and hacks for maximizing Board engagement.

 VALUE: $97 



Get your Board members started off on the right foot with this social media primer for nonprofits. No matter what level of proficiency your Board members are at, this is a valuable tool "newbies" or active social media users can refer to again and again.

  • Social Media Glossary:  40 common Facebook and Instagram social media terms defined​
  • Social Media Cheat Sheet:  The most popular Facebook & Instagram questions answered
  • Social Media Policy & Guidelines: A how-to guide for creating your nonprofit's Social Media Policy to protect your reputation and regulate messaging

 VALUE: $47 



Do you have Board members who are active social media users and comfortable with the basics of posting, sharing, and interacting on Facebook and Instagram? This guide will help them take their skills to the next level as social media ambassadors for your nonprofit.

  • Hashtags 101: How to include hashtags in posts, best practices, and the most popular hashtags for nonprofits​
  • How to Create Shareable Content:  Incorporating the 5 social media sharing motivations, the "3 C's" of shareable content    

 VALUE: $47 



Never wonder what to put in your social media posts again. It's all here in one convenient resource so you can get your Board sharing right away!

  • Instructional Guide: How to customize, assemble, and distribute your social media toolkits
  • 3 Done-For-You Social Media Toolkits: Personal Involvement; Organizational News; and Fundraising
  • Social Media Captions: 36 pre-written, fill-in-the blank, customizable social media captions for Facebook & Instagram
  • Curated Image Collection: 12 curated nonprofit images to include in your social media toolkits or share with your Board any time

 VALUE: $134 



We’re not just going to hand you some templates and wish you luck. Each section of Board Boost includes an Instructional Video with tips on how to maximize the information and tools provided.


 VALUE: $47 



Social Media

Policy Template

Don't reinvent the wheel! This Social Media Policy & Guideline Template for Nonprofits is ready to go! Just fill in the blanks with your organization's name and you're done!


Need to customize this template for your nonprofit a bit more? No problem!

This template is provided in a fillable pdf form as well as in Microsoft Word.


 VALUE: $27 



Social Media Posting Worksheet

Make sharing your social media content quick and easy with the Social Media Posting Worksheet. Include specific details including post publishing dates, links, hashtags, and platforms as well as details regarding images and the purpose of each post.
There's even a space to copy and paste your social media caption and headline.


(This template is provided in a fillable pdf form.)

 VALUE: $21 



Social Media


The key to social media engagement is creating and sharing interactive posts. Are you leading with an attention-grabbing headline? Is your photo or image "on-brand?" Did you include a clear call to action?


Print out this checklist to refer to when creating shareable posts for your Board, or give it to Board members who are active social media users and creating their own posts on your behalf.

 VALUE: $17 

NPO Centric has great tools that walk you

through entire processes, step-by-step,

in simple terms."  

Alfred Ricci,
Nonprofit Founder

Phew! That's a lot of great stuff, right?

Are you ready to get instant access to:

    • Social Media Sharing Four-Step Plan ($97 value)

    • Social Media Basic Training ($47 value)

    • Social Media Advanced Training ($97 value)

    • Done-For-You Social Media Kits ($97 value)

    • Curated Image Collection ($97 value)

    • Bite-Size Tutorials & How-To Videos ($97 value)

    • BONUS: Social Media Policy Template ($27 value)

    • BONUS: Social Media Posting Worksheet ($21 value)

    • BONUS: Social Media Checklist ($17 value)

      TOTAL VALUE: $487  

    ​​All that sounds amazing, but...


    How much does it cost?



    (PLUS 3 Free Bonuses) for:



    Honestly, there is no catch.

    We understand you may not know or trust us yet. Or maybe you just don't have  a lot of money to

    invest in social media right now.


    (We get it. We're a nonprofit, too.)

    So that's why we've made Board Boost affordable for EVERY nonprofit budget.

    We realize this program is worth much, much more than what we are charging. But our primary goal is equipping nonprofits to grow, fund, and sustain their organizations. We know many of you have limited resources and we don't want price to be the deciding factor.

    So, for a limited time only, you can grab EVERYTHING in Board Boost (plus the 3 FREE bonuses) for just $57.


    (yes, really)

    NPO Centric has the best resources! There is so much value at such low prices. It's crazy!   

    April Quintana
    Nonprofit Fundraiser and Volunteer


    Save Valuable Time



    Your time is valuable, so why spend it writing social media posts from scratch and curating photos? You can shave hours off your day, week, and month with BOARD BOOST. No more reinventing the wheel; just download and get started today!

    Eliminate The Guesswork


    Stop wasting your energy on creating social media posts that don’t show up in your followers' news feeds. BOARD BOOST helps you share your message with your Board, increase engagement, and grow your audience.

    Grow Your Impact

    You can only do so much as a fundraising team of one. When you support and equip your Board as social media ambassadors, you help them leverage their existing relationships, turning followers into supporters and donors.

    So, what are you waiting for, really?


    Board Boost gives you every. single. thing. you need to turn your Board into social media ambassadors--fast! 

    Who is BOARD BOOST for?

    What exactly do I get when I purchase?

    Are the documents editable or are they only in pdf format?

    Is all of the content available right away?

    Why is this only $57? What's the catch?

    Do you offer additional help if I have questions about my purchase?

    What is your refund policy?

    We just know you're going to love BOARD BOOST!*  If, however, you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, please contact us directly for additional assistance.

    Due to the nature of this digital product, all sales are final.

    Working with NPO Centric has made my life as a nonprofit founder so much easier! They offer excellent tools and resources I use every day.  

    Armando Ehrenzweig,

     Founder /Executive Director

    Still wondering if this Kit is for you?  

    This kit is for you if you want to:  

    • Spend less time creating social media content and more time focusing on your mission

    • Eliminate the guesswork of what's working right now on Facebook and Instagram and create shareable posts that will show up in your followers' news feeds

    • Fund your nonprofit faster and easier with a proven plug-and-play system for transforming Board members into social media ambassadors

    • Reduce frustration and overwhelm, engage your Board, and achieve better organizational alignment

    Don't Take Our Word for it...

    see what these folks are saying! 

    I have been searching for something like this for years. I know not 100% of my Board is going to use it, but even if a few of them pick up some pointers and make some posts on our behalf, it is a win! Thank you.

    Stacy McCrary

    CEO/Executive Director

    Environmental Nonprofit

    This Project Kit is fantastic. It's a real game-changer. We're sharing this information not only with our Board of Directors but with our staff as well.

    James Richards


    Human Services Nonprofit

    SO IMPRESSED!!!  We shared this with our Board, and a few of them actually started posting on their Facebook profiles. I can't believe it. We have been trying to get them to post for years!

    Beth Lahey

    Development Director

    Arts and Culture Nonprofit

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